Sunday, February 13, 2011

Animal Rights

We read the freedom and confinement poetry section  this week. It was about animals and i'm guessing animal rights. The one titled snake by D.H. Lawrence was about a snake coming up to the narrator and the narrator debating on what they should do about it. They finally decided to throw a stick at it after it was on it's way back down the snakehole. I am not a big fans of snakes but this one made me look at them in a different light almost. They descibed a different side of snakes that i'm not used to hearing about from stories or poems.
Wookchucks was written by Maxine Kumin and was about some woodchucks that were pestering the narrator's garden. The narrator tried to gas the woodchucks at first but it did not work so they resorted to shooting them one by one. The narrator auctually seemed to be having fun while killing the little chipmunks and auctually turned it into a kind of game. It kind of highlighted how killing animals can be a bit addictive.

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