Monday, November 8, 2010

My outline for computers

When i copied it from word it made all my previous formatting seem like a waste of time but i am not clear on how to format on blogger so...

Computers and the way we think
Computers change the way that we perform everyday tasks. They even alter the basic way we look at everyday things in life.
• Explain basic parts of the theory
• Restate thesis
Summarize essay real quick
• Main points
• argument
Computers change the way we think
• They make the world a smaller place
• They change the basic outlook on life
o Quote James Madison
o Information from
We are becoming dependent on computers
• Computers are becoming necessary in today’s world
o Quote from bill Clinton
Agree with argument
• I use computers
• They change the way my society thinks
• Quote from English book essay
• Restate thesis
• Cover main points

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Evaluating a source

The source that i evaluated was It is the smithsonian website. I believe that it will be useful for my paper because it seems as if it will be a credible website. First off it has edu as a domain which means education. that is usually a good sign. It has alot of credible sources fir it's information. Auctually it's a world renown encyclopedia, that should mean something. If it has any information on what i choose to do my report on than it will more than likely prove to be a good website to get information from. Every one of the links on it take you to another credible place also. They tend to be government or higher education credentials. That's why i believe that this will be a good place to go for information  for my report.