Sunday, January 30, 2011

Poetry: Robert Frost

We have been reading poetry for the last few days of English class. One of the more recent assignments were some poems by the author Robert Frost. In that set of poems there was one titled “The Road not Taken.” I translated it as a poem with the simple message of just be yourself. I think that I translated it that way because it talks about making a choice between to paths to go down; one of which was well traveled, and the other was very seldom traveled by the looks of it. He took the path that was less traveled which sent me the meaning that he was talking about doing your own thing instead of just doing what everyone else does. However, there can be many different translations to every poem so there is no telling if that is what he had in mind when he was writing the poem, but that is the upside of poetry: it’s real hard to be wrong in your translations.

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